Welcome to the PPE Society of the University of Manchester!

PPE at Manchester is regarded as one of the largest and most diverse PPE courses in the UK but what truly makes it stand out is our active and ambitious student-led society. As well as our own netball and football teams throughout the year our society hosts a range of academic, social and charitable events and in doing so we have gained a reputation for being one of the most academically rigorous, sociable and integrated courses on campus. 

On the academic side, we hope to spark the extracurricular interests of our members with inspiring guest speakers and debates. In addition we continuously aim to expand career opportunities for our members with career and alumni networking events.

On the social side, our mission is to integrate all years and create a real community of PPE, so all members have a support system to see them through three very exciting years. The best way to get involved is by attending one of our regular and diverse socials throughout the year; from the Welcome Curry to the PPE Holiday and the End of Year Ball.

Following government and university guidelines, our first events will be online or with measures in place to maintain social distance. However, we are keen to deliver most of our events in person once the situation allows us to.

This academic year will be very different to anything we are used to. Our society is committed to do the most to support its members throughout these difficult times.

Whether you are considering studying PPE at Manchester, considering sponsoring the Society or have joined us this September, the PPE Society at Manchester will not disappoint. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.